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甘油、糖、氨基酸合成肽催化劑 – LiTFSI(LiNTf2) 雙三氟甲磺酰亞胺鋰

This post is part of the series LiTFSI - 應用

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Synthesis of Glycidol- and Sugar-Derived Bicyclic β- and γ/δ-Amino Acids for Peptidomimetic Design


Constrained bicyclic β- and γ/δ-amino acids using glycidol and sugar derivatives were developed. The synthetic strategies involved epoxide ring opening of a glycidol derivative, and subsequent coupling with sugar-derived amines, leading to di- or trisubstitued bicyclic scaffolds after cyclisation with trifluoroacetic acid. Achievement of β- or γ/δ-amino acids was accomplished by changing the protecting group strategy?of the starting materials. Compatibility of the scaffold with solid-phase peptide synthesis was assessed by preparing model peptidomimetics using acid- and base-labile resins, thus giving a new tool for peptidomimetic design.

Keywords: Scaffold / Peptidomimetics / Ring opening / Peptides / Amino acids / Solid-phase synthesis



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